Welcome to Dale Fishback for Representative!

Thank you for considering me as your representative in District 29. 

As a native Oregonian with a long family history in Washington County, I appreciate the fertility of the land, have experienced its close-knit communities, and have seen the transition from a farming community to a technological ‘Mecca’ with connections across the globe.

Not being a person with political ambitions, I can honestly say I undertake this venture out of concern for our communities.  As a person, I tend to be quiet and pragmatic; a listener, thinker, and doer, rather than a talker.

For some time now, I’ve watched the erosion of wholesomeness in the region which has become the genesis for seeking elected office. The current paradigm in Salem has deteriorated into a neo-totalitarian, group-think state, so lost in its ideological dogma, its lost touch with reality, bringing harm to our communities and leaving Oregon out of balance.

Consider what we’ve seen grow under the current regime’s leadership and values:

  • Rampant expansion of homelessness
  • The seeming exodus in our public-school system
  • Road infrastructure grossly oversubscribed
  • Billions spent on the public transit system with no impact on congestion and public safety 
  • Pretentious regulations and hidden taxation built on fallacies which bring little public benefit.

These issues and more need urgent attention with a fresh, broad, and more encompassing perspective than current leadership has demonstrated a capacity to provide.  I am committed to providing a common-sense voice for Washington County.

Oregon culture and mystique are being aggressively destroyed by the status quo in Salem. What made Oregon a unique place in the world is being trodden under foot by those who don’t understand or truly appreciate the inheritance they have. 

I encourage you to join me in seeking change. 

Vote Dale Fishback for State Representative of House District 29.