About Dale Fishback

Dale Fishback was born in Portland, raised in rural Washington County and, since 1996, has resided in Hillsboro with his beautiful bride of 29 years, Lisa. District 29 is where he spent his life contributing to his local communities. As a youth, he developed work ethic working as a laborer at a local tree nursery and raising cattle on a small family farm. He later served as a firefighter/EMT with his longest tenure being at Tualatin Valley Water District (31 years) where he contributed as a Field Operations Manager for 22 years until retirement.

Currently volunteering on the KuruBa Board supporting animal conservation in rural Cote d’Ivore, West Africa, Dale has a passion for nature and the outdoors. He is affectionately referred to as “Mark Trail” by his children due to his uncanny ability to name every native plant he comes into contact with (along with its Latin name, meaning, and general uses).

With deep family roots and four children all graduating from the Hillsboro school district, Dale has strong ties to District 29, is dedicated to serving the area and has a vested interested in watching it grow and flourish for his children and grandchildren.