Since you are here, I would appreciate the chance to capture your thoughts on a couple things. Please message me using the “CONTACT DALE” tab and help me understand what brought you here.

• What were you hoping to learn?
• What do you see as your greatest concern(s) or issue(s) for Oregon? Why?
• How did you learn about this website?

Note: The messages go directly to me personally. (I won’t use your feedback to spam you. I’ll only reply if you ask a question or if I’d like a little more clarity about your specific comment.)

The Campaign

Since this is my first campaign, there has been a lot to learn along the way. The number one thing that has been repeated over and over is Name Familiarity… ‘Get you Name out there’… COVID has made some challenges and restricted many of the traditional approaches.

Now that you see I’m the best choice, here is what you can do to help:

• Share my name with your family and neighbors
• Post a link to this website on your social media pages
• Contact me about hosting a Yard Sign
• If you are looking for other ways to help, send me a message

Of course, if you are able, financial support is helpful too. The campaign is expensive, and it is a grass roots effort. If you can share $5, $10, or $25 it would be greatly appreciated. Oregon allows a State tax deduction up to $50 individual and $100 joint for political contributions. Donations can be made electronically here on this website’s Donate tab, or by regular mail to:
PO Box 949
Bandon, OR 97411

When November comes, Don’t Forget to VOTE!